Holiday Milkshakes Are Still Very Much a Thing

Find creamy and luscious cupfuls o' jolly joy at Monty's Good Burger, Milk Bar, and Shake Shack.

What to Know

  • Peppermint Bark MilkQuake at Milkbar
  • Candy Cane Shake at Monty's Good Bar
  • Holiday Shakes at Shake Shack

Pull out any family recipe book, the kind that lists classic end-of-the-year desserts, and you'll see some of the same words, over and over, in various orders.

Toffee. Cake. Gingerbread. Cookie. Tart. Bark. Brownie.


No one would dare diss a single one of these sweets, and any dessertist worthy their powdered sugar or glazed caramel understands that all of these goodies work incredibly well, all December long, in the pleasing-people department.

But what of the milkshake? Is it to be just a summertime delight or warm-weather meal-ender? Can this thick, straw-boasting cool-down confection also take a place among the puddings and pies of Christmas?

Of course, and a number of Southern California spots are showing the creamy, milkshake-merry way. A bonus? The holiday-themed milkshakes are still available, even beyond Christmas, so head for...

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Milk Bar, where the Peppermint Bark MilkQuake is available through Dec. 31. Cereal Milk soft serve, plus peppermint pieces, hot fudge, chocolate cookies, and a miniature candy cane lend it fa, la, la cred. Price? It's $9.90, or $6.60 for a baby.

Monty's Good Burger, the place to pick up a plant-based Candy Cane Shake. It's vegan, yup, and only boasts five ingredients. The gluten-free nom-nom is available through Dec. 31. 

Shake Shack is rocking not one, not two, but three holiday-esque milkshakes, including the Christmas Cookie, the White Mocha, and the Chocolate Pappermint. Feeling like you might need one of these at the very beginning of 2019, to kick the new year off right? You can buy one through Jan. 2.

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