Holiday Nyuks: Three Stooges on the Big Screen

An Alex Theatre ha-ha-tacular marks year 16 with laffs, pratfalls.

How do you know for certain you've become a Hollywood legend?

A star on the Walk of Fame is a fine sign, as is a cocktail named in your honor. But something possibly more telling is this: Gestures and sounds and jokes and expressions that you and your co-horts originated are so associated with you that one deftly placed hand or raised eyebrow summons your work, even decades later.

Or a single "nyuk" brings you to mind. Nyuk.

The Three Stooges rule the school on this one. Gifted physical comedians have followed Larry, Moe, and Curly, but countless gags can be traced back to the trio, who were at the top of the Hollywood heap back in the '30s and early '40s. And several of those gags'll be on glorious view, big screen-style, on Saturday, Nov. 30 in Glendale.

It's the annual Three Stooges day at the Alex Theatre. How annual? It's been around for sixteen years. But it changes up each year, and cinematic surprises do await.

Exhibit A? A short called "Hello Popl Stooges Family Values" will screen, which is quite the major deal in Stoogeland, given that the "original Technicolor negative was lost in a 1967 fire at MGM." But an archive in Australia had a color version, and, voila! The short shall live again, in eye-popping hues.

"Three Dumb Clucks," "Three Smart Saps," and "We Want Our Mummy" are all set to unspool, as well as other nyuk-nyuk-nyuk'd treats. And will there be a few vaudeville-type eye pokes, the kind the threesome was so famous for? Bet on it. In fact, there should just be a scrolling counter next to the Alex's screen, counting all the eye pokes.

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The why-I-oughtas get going at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 30. The cost for all this iconic comedy? Just $12.50.

Better trim those Moe bangs up short and lickety-split, too.

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