Hollywood Alfresco: New Pop-Up Park

Hollywood Pop! makes its debut at the corner of Selma and Ivar.

Plug the words "bustling" and "rushing" and "thronged" into a dictionary and you will not see a photograph of Hollywood.

But the city, with its auto-packed streets and eatery-lined thoroughfares, definitely represents one of denser, go-go-go-ier sections of our region.

There are ways, however, that Hollywood catches a breath, from street performance and rooftop cinema to a brand-new pop-up park headed for the corner of Selma and Ivar.

Hollywood Pop!, a mini oasis in the structure-laden zone, will make its official debut on Friday, May 20. "Activating a previously vacant space surrounded by secondary schools, residences, retail and restaurants, the park will serve residents and visitors through 2016."

Pop-ups are typically associated with merchandise and sales -- think fashion, travel, and music -- but Hollywood Pop! is all about getting out and savoring some sunshine in one of SoCal's busiest areas.

Is it on private property? It is. Is the Sunset & Vine Business Improvement District involved? For sure; the organization is, in fact, funding it. Shall there be seats and tables and art-forward design by the firm LA-Más? Tinseltown does dote on style, so plan on a pop-up that leans towards the eye-popping.

No doubt it'll catch some pedestrians by surprise, to see a wee slice of do-nothing-ness in the heart of Hollywood's try-everything-ness. Call it an ideal complement to the town's rep for always being on, 24/7, with loads of activities at hand.

Spending a few minutes in the park simply sitting, or conversing with a pal, will be a fine foil to the neighborhood's high bustle-o-sity. 

Though Hollywood Pop! isn't 100% relaxed, of course. How many parks, pop-up or otherwise, rock an exclamation point in their name? 

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