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Hollywood Bowl Deal Opens: 5 or More

Book a quintet of shows and receive a seat for a sixth for free.

Locals count on local deals and giveaways and treats, especially when they know that those deals will circle back, on the calendar, as predictably as the start of spring.

We're not just referring to discounted dining (though regional restaurants are known for under-a-buck hot dogs when anniversaries roll around or free doughnuts just for stopping by); we're talking about a major concert venue tacking on a couple of gratis seats when the customer has purchased five shows.

Yes, we tipped our hat there: It's the Hollywood Bowl's well-known 5 or More deal we hinted at, without subtlety. It's as big a sign of a Southern California springtime as jasmine blooming, and it opens up to the public, for selection and purchase, on Tuesday, March 15.

How does 5 or More work? You pick the five shows you want to see — Diana Ross, the "Star Trek" concert, the Fourth of July fireworks spectacular with Chicago, Culture Club, and the opener with Steely Dan, perhaps — and pay the ticket prices for your chosen seats and section.

And then, kapow: You get a sixth show added on, for free, for nothing, for no dough. There's some fine print, natch, with your sixer, such as the days of the week you can choose (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday) and the section (you're spot is a reserved bench seat). You'll need to choose a concert produced by the LA Philharmonic. There's more to read, so read it now.

Another benefit to the 5 or More: You don't need to wait for early May, when single tickets go on sale. You'll have all of your shows locked up. And, of course, you're not limited to five concerts, though that's the base number you must buy.

So much to peruse, with new shows being added, like A Tribute to Natalie Cole on Sept. 14. 

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If your final question is this -- "is the 5 or More like buying a subscriber series seat?" -- know that it isn't quite the same. While the subscriber series shows are pre-chosen set, the 5 or More opens you up to the wider summer calendar.

There. Done. One of the spring's biggest savings for those who adore live music and occasional movie and musical nights has arrived, like the jasmine and orange blossoms. It must be the middle of March, for summer, and those Bowl nights, are on the way.

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