Hollywood Haunted: New Tim Burton Tribute Bar

Don your best Beetlejuice get-up when the started-in-NYC Beetle House debuts.

You don't have to stroke your chin in contemplation, or furrow your brow, to come up with the answer to this riddle: Do people like dressing up as characters from Tim Burton movies?

Don't waste one more second on that spooky question, for the correct answer is highly affirmative. A person pondering this query only need peruse a few photos from Danny Elfman's recent Hollywood Bowl Halloween concerts, the popular "The Nightmare Before Christmas" live shows, to find a fantastical line-up of Beetlejuices, and Jack Skellingtons, and Zeroes, and Sallys in the audience.

But Halloween only comes once a year, if you're not a resident of Halloween Town, we're sad to report, which means offbeat opportunities to don your Lydia Deetz-style veils are too few.

Don't stow your favorite ghostly get-up in the back of the closet just yet, though. Opportunities to wear your most cinematic togs are about to increase with the later-in-May opening of Beetle House LA, a Tim Burton tribute bar.

The supernatural spot? Say "Beetlejuice" three times, if you dare, and mysteriously materialize inside 6365 Hollywood Boulevard (if mysteriously materializing inside places is one of your particular powers).

Wait. Don't manifest yourself at that address just yet. Beetle House, which opened in New York City in 2016, isn't enchanting potion-seeking patrons 'round these parts quite yet.

The first date listed on the reservation page is Saturday, May 20, though mind this note: "Please do not make a reservation if you're just drinking."

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Zach Neil, of Stay Classy, the Will Ferrell-themed pop-up bar of a few months back, is behind both Beetle House NYC and its latest West Coast incarnation. 

On the menu of Beetle House LA? Los Angeles Magazine's own Chris Nichols notes some fall-like flavors in the libations, like pumpkin and apple, so prepare to get your autumn on as we slide into summer.

Another note from the magazine is that actors may be milling among the patrons, if you happen to spy an especially effervescent Jack Skellington. Though, of course, that might be a vivacious visitor to the bar, too. 

Magic may happen, in short.

This is all springing up, with some cheek and cheer, just a few miles from Burbank, where Mr. Burton spent his formative childhood (and where he once served as an animator for the Walt Disney Company).

A note: The disclaimer on the Beetle House NYC web site states that the venue is "...in no way affiliated with any actor, director or movie studio (BUT WE LOVE THEM)." 

Truly, though: 'Tis the blithe and beerful season for creative expressions of fandom to move into the nightlife sector, with the Tinseltown-based Scum & Villainy Cantina currently paying homage to the "Star Wars" universe.

The final date on the Beetle House LA reservations calendar, as of mid-late April, is July 19, 2017.

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