Hoof It to Opening Day at Underwood Family Farms

The animal-sweet, produce-bountiful Moorpark spread will again open just in time for spring.

Underwood Family Farms

What to Know

  • 3370 Sunset Valley Road in Moorpark
  • Feb. 29 opening; open daily through Thanksgiving
  • $5 non-festival entry; Springtime Easter Festival begins on March 21

Springtime around Southern California? It has a knack for sending out some early scouts, the sort of verdant and vibrant happenings that can make a late-winter day feel like April or May.

And one of the sweetest signs has to be the reopening of Underwood Family Farms, the Moorpark agricultural destination that's known for its Animal Center, its tractor-pulled wagon rides, and all of the healthy goodies that grow in its fields.

The destination shutters to the public in the colder months, but, like clockwork, the gates are flung wide when the first of March arrives, each year.

But here's news worth mooing about: Given that February 2020 has an extra day, the farm will say hello to its fans on Saturday, Feb. 29, rather than waiting for the start of March.

Which means you can say "hey" to your favorite bovine superstar Lucy, she of the amazing horns, and check out what the goats have been up to these past few months.

The Farm Market will also be open at "the fully operational working farm," if you want to grab something snacky before sauntering around the field-lovely location.

The Springtime Easter Festival is still a few weeks out (that opens on March 21), and the famous Fall Festival? Yep, that's over a half year away.

But baby animals will be frolicking soon, and plenty of vegetables and fruits are bursting as we type.

For sure, Underwood's opening is one of spring's best-known late-winter scouts around Southern California, and one of the animal-cutest, too.

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