Hooray, It's Monterey Bay Aquarium's First-Ever Adult Sleepover

"Sweet Dreams Are Made of Seaweed" will flashback to 1984, when the Cannery Row landmark first opened.

What to Know

  • Saturday, Sept. 14
  • $175 per person (non-member)
  • 21+

You've traveled the world, and the seven seas, but you claim you still haven't found a way to spend the night in an aquarium, unless you happen to be a crab, octopus, or sardine?

Well, there are ways for grown-ups to roll out the sleeping bags inside an aquatic institution, but those routes typically involve chaperoning a field trip or accompanying your own tots to a special family-fun sleepover, one that takes place near a bunch of fascinating fishies.

But a sleepover that is all about adults, and adult-style socializing, as in an event created solely for the 21-and-over set?

That's as difficult to locate as a pearl inside an oyster. 

A pearl has been found, however, at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, for the world-famous destination will hold its very first adults-only sleepover on Saturday, Sept. 14.

The auspicious and fish-ous occasion?

It's all to honor the aquarium's 35th anniversary, so you can count on some strong 1984-cool vibes to rule the glub-glub gathering.

You'll find the '80s-tastic theme in the event's Eurythmics-inspired name — Sweet Dreams Are Made of Seaweed — as well as the opportunity to shake it to music of the era.

Games, a sundae bar, a drink ticket, a photo booth, insider stories about the aquarium, and a flick (it'll roll as the night winds down) are also on the schedule.

The throwback happening starts making waves at 7 p.m., and everything'll be hung out to dry by 8:30 the next morning.

For sure, there'll be a continental breakfast. No, you won't need to crack into some mollusks, otter-style, but you will likely sip a juice and savor a pastry.

The cost for the whole '80s-riffic, ocean-tastic shebang? If you're a member of the MBA, it's $150, if you're not, it's $175.

This is it, finally, your amazing chance to spend the night in an aquarium, just like you've always dreamed but never thought possible. Just be 21, or older, and peruse where exactly you will sleep, and other must-knows about this rare ottertunity.

We mean "opportunity," of course. But given the fact that you'll snooze in the same building as otters snooze, calling it an "ottertunity" feels right to us.

Was your last sleepover in 1984? Did you snooze by the light of your bestie's bedroom goldfish aquarium? Then consider this a snazzy sequel to that night, a grown-up bed-down among some of the most famous fin-possessing superstars on the planet.

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