Virtual Cooking Classes

Hop by a Virtual Easter Brunch Class Created for Families

Whip up a batch of cheesy baked eggs with The Gourmandise School at the holiday helm.

The Gourmandise School

What to Know

  • Saturday, March 27 at 10 a.m.
  • $35
  • Participants will receive an ingredient and kitchen tool list ahead of time from The Gourmandise School

Peeking under various shrubs and hedges, looking behind rose bushes, or seeing if there is something colorful hidden by the garden hose?

Eggs are a big part of Easter morning for many children. Some kids may be searching for them, other tots may be adding decorations, and plenty of children spend a good chunk of the day unwrapping tiny chocolate orbs.

But there's another way to connect with kids on the timeless topic of the egg: You can learn to cook an egg dish at their side, thanks to an upcoming Gourmandise School class.

The Santa Monica-based cooking school is known for its interesting and appetizing slate of learn-from-home classes, and several of those sessions are geared to our aspiring chefs.

And one that's flavorfully themed to Easter brunch is just ahead: An egg-yummy class created for the Parent & Child.

It's a morningtime class, which is perfect, and it arrives a week and a day ahead of Easter, giving you and your kid cook plenty of time to burnish your new brunch skills.

As for what you'll be making on the morning of March 27? Even the Easter Bunny would want to stop the hop and spend time snacking on cheesy baked eggs and coffee cake muffins.

The class is $35 to join, and while that doesn't include ingredients, you will get the list of things you need ahead of time, as well as what pieces of kitchen equipment, from pans to bowls and beyond, you'll want to have on hand.

If a homespun, keep-close-to-your-casa holiday is ahead for you and your family, and you've been seeking a project to undertake with your young'uns, cheesy baked eggs for Easter might be just the delightful thing.

Or do we mean "dye"-lightful?

No colorful hues will be needed for the eggs you'll make in the kitchen, though, of course, you may want to set a few eggs aside to prep for the big bunny's April 4 visit.

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