Horchata Cocktails Are Happening in DTLA

The limited-time drinks are adding creamy cool to the Birds & Bees menu.

Birds & Bees

What to Know

  • Birds & Bees
  • 207 S. Broadway
  • Through Oct. 31

Horchata belongs to no single season, of course.

And yet?

If you had to place the creamy, rice-deep dream of a drink within a certain time of year, you might choose autumn, that halfway point between warmer days and holiday flavors.

A tall glass of the refreshing libation can be perfect on a hot day, while its cinnamon-sweet character suggests December in drink form.

So is horchata the most fall-y of all liquid treats? It's a fine question to ask, as you make your way to Birds & Bees in DTLA, where not one, not two, but four horchata cocktails are now on the menu.

Make that the limited-time menu; these tasty concoctions, which are crafted for the 21-and-over set, will only be available through the final day of October 2019.

Horchatans, prepare to sip one or some of the following: There's the Rosita, which features "... mezcal, nonino, lime, hibiscus, horchata rice, barley, topped with a Collins garnish, cinnamon and sage."

And the ingredients of the pretty Calavera Flip? Egg white is in there, as "flip" would suggest, as well as rye, walnut liquor, and several other spirited additions.

Rounding out the list? The gin-centered La Luchadora and Chumbo-wumbo, a rummy treat.

So is fall horchata's true time to shine? Well, that's a toughie. Horchata delivers happiness throughout the calendar, but as a cool-down, cinnamon-zingy drink, the meeting point of summer and winter is the perfect time to enjoy it.

October, in other words.

Add some spirits, at a crafty DTLA bar, and you have the perfect autumn night cocktail. But don't linger on this one; Halloween is your last chance to order one of these elegant sips at Birds & Bees.

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