Horror Made Here: Warner Bros. by Night

Peek inside the "It" House and eye props from famous fright films, in Burbank.

Sunshine splashed along the buildings of a movie studio backlot?

It's so golden, some lemony, so citrus-bright that some paint company should trademark the name "Backlot Sunshine" and sell a thousand cans to renovators looking to add cinematic cheer to a lackluster den.

You've experienced Backlot Sunshine yourself if you've visited a movie studio on a cloudless day, like, say, to join the Warner Bros. VIP Tour, the daily, drive-around, look-around happening that takes film and TV fans closer to the interior and exterior sets of classic and contemporary properties.

But there's no Backlot Sunshine on the Horror Made Here Tour, the only-at-night, only-in-October Halloween happening that's cartwheeling, like a clown, into its second year at the Burbank moviemaking spread.

Oh, did we say "clown" there? We did? Well, golly. Maybe that's because "The It Experience: Neibolt House Hollywood" is part of the 2017 after-dark tour.

So don't go buying a ticket to Horror Made Here while promptly forgetting, because it is too eerie to think about, that you'll be visiting the "It" house at some point during the evening.

In fact, it's probably best you tie a string around your finger, like one that's attached to a red balloon, to help your remember.

Other sights along the tour include "...a chilling look... (at) the Radley Sanitarium from 'Pretty Little Liars,'" as well as a visit to the famous Jungle portion of the studio.

A set from "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" will also be on view, in addition to nods to "The Conjuring" and "A Nightmare on Elm Street."

Drinks and eats will be for sale, and "Halloween-themed activities" are on the dastardly docket, too.

It all happens at the water-tower'd, fantasy-creating, Media Capital of the World dream factory on select nights through Saturday, Oct. 28. A ticket is $69.

Still have that red balloon tied to your finger? The one that will help you remember what you didn't want to forget? Good. We weren't even clowning around with that suggestion.

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