Hot Dawg Eating Showdown: A Fido Fundraiser

Dog rescues'll go bowl-to-bowl at Pink's.


If you've ever watched your dog enjoy his breakfast, you know that his experience is a multi-part, highly complex, and ongoing deal.

There's the eating of the breakfast, then the licking of the bowl (the dish must look as shiny as new before he's through), and, as a finale, there is the all-important return to the bowl, a few minutes later, to make sure all morsels have been properly consumed.

Whether or not the pups participating in the Hot Dawg Eating Competition on Friday, Aug. 26 will observe these long-established rituals of dog dining is unknown, but count on a lot of cuteness, and dog rescue big-heart-ability, to go down outside of Pink's.

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Yes, we do mean Pink's Hot Dogs, but the dog-centered eating showdown isn't about wolfing dozens of franks. Rather, a quartet of Bark'N'Borrow dogs, each representing a regional rescue group, will be presented with a bowl of canine chow, the sort of Fido fare they know and love.

The first pup to finish nets "their represented shelter... a grand prize of $400!" Every competitor will earn an award for the rescue group they represent, be assured, with $200, $100, and $50 standing as the second through fourth prizes.

Beyond the whole affair being as squealable as fundraisers come, there are a few things to know.

1. Yes, you can arrive with your own furry companion, as the event is billed as "BYOD" (you got it, the "D" is dog).

2. There are raffle tickets to buy and help out rescues.

3. Why that's right, Friday, Aug. 26 is National Dog Day.

4. And indeed, Bark'N'Borrow is the service that matchmakes Lassie-loving humans without their own pups with pooches who may need a nice walk or an hour at the dog park. The Pink's fundraiser is also a launch party for Bark'N'Borrow's new iPhone app.

5. The rescue groups going for dog-bowl-y glory include NKLA, Wags and Walks, Best Friends Animal Society, and What's Up Dog!, so if you have your favorite, stop by and root their pup representative on.

Of course, you surely love all rescue groups, as animal fans do, so feel free to cheer for everyone, in equal measure. And admire the age-old joy a pup has at her bowl, multiplied by 4, and multiplied again by all the good the day will bring.

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