Hot Dog on a Stick: Wear the Hat, Get a Free Corndog

Stick the striped chapeau on your noggin and chow down.

There was a time, not so long ago, when meats roasting on spits and gooey marshmallows melting on the end of snapped-off tree branches were some of the only edibles associated with sticks.

No longer, right? We have candy bars on sticks, deep-friend vegetables on sticks, and, yes, the ubiquitous, heavily frosted cake pop.

Much of the modern love of gnawing at something atop an easy-to-hold piece of wood stems from Santa Monica's own Hot Dog on a Stick. The corn dog icon was born just steps from the pier, near Muscle Beach, in 1946. Call it local pride with a side of mustard.

The hot-doggery's batter-riffic recipe soon spread to mall kiosks across the land in the decades that followed, and just about every fast food fan became acquainted with the frankfurters-and-more chain.

And the chain's legendary hats. The striped château worn by employees has become as much of a symbol for Hot Dog on a Stick as its corn dog, so much so it is a common conversation topic between customers and the employee ringing up their tab.

And it is a hat you can adorn yourself with — well, the paper version of it, anyway — on Saturday, March 28.

That is, if you want a free Hot Dog on a Stick from Hot Dog on a Stick. March 28 happens to be National Something on a Stick Day and the Muscle-Beach-to-the-mall favorite giving away its nosh-worthy namesake. One each per customer, if that customer shows up sporting the printable Hot Dog on a Stick hat.

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Find your stylish gear here. Is this your first pdf hat? We're excited. When will pdf hats become as popular as cake pops, though? 

You get one Hot Dog on a Stick for your headwear-based show of support on the 28th. We'd also show with a few bucks for a side of that lemonade.

Because that lemonade, right? Dare we call it the third corner in the triangle of greatness that is Hot Dog on a Stick? (With the hat and corn dog representing the triangle's other two corners, of course.)

Could you eat everything on a stick on March 28? That is up to you, adventurous culinaire. For now, though, best print out your hat and find a participating Hot Dog on a Stick location.

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