Hot Dog on a Stick's 70th: A 70¢ Deal

Swing by the stripey favorite every Tuesday in March for a delish deal.

Southern Californians are pretty good about remembering that something important is happening on a particular day of the week.

Take street cleaning days in several parts of the city; a person knows that leaving their vehicle at a particular curb at a particular time is a big no-go. Same with open hours at favorite restaurants, recycling pick-up, various school sports, and a caboodle of other days-of-the-week-y must-remembers.

Here's another, it involves Tuesdays, and it is only on for March (so you only need to store it in your noggin for the length of a month): Hot Dog on a Stick, that stripey, lemonade-scented, batter-yummy icon, is turning 70. And in the celebratory spirit the started-in-Santa-Monica chain is offering a 70¢ hot dog on a stick to customers every Tuesday over the course of March.

Will you get a bonus Tuesday in which to score this savory, on-a-stick deal? You bet: March is a long month, and with the first day happening on a Tuesday, you can count on a fifth Tuesday bringing up the rear.

What kind of hot dog is it? It's a turkey hot dog, so mustard that baby up or leave it neat, but either way you'll be enjoying a famous edible that strollers around Santa Monica Pier have devoured for seven decades.

The "Take Me Back Tuesdays" promotion isn't just about nabbing a hot dog for seven dimes; you'll also receive a buy one, get one coupon that's good for your next visit (and it'll work for anything on the menu).

Perhaps a hand-stomped lemonade? Memories of Southern California summers usually feature the sunshine-hued beverage. Think back now and determine how many Hot Dog on a Stick lemonades you sipped as a kid (and, of course, as a grown-up).

While the restaurants are now all over the place, and employees still rock those tall hats and bright uniforms, it seems like, for the 70th anniversary, heading back to store numero uno is the way to go. If you're near the pier, in Santa  Monica, you can't miss it. 

Or just look for someone noshing something on a stick and ask them to point the way.

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