Hot Drive-in Nights Sizzle with My Valley Pass

Throwback flicks'll be lighting up the outdoor screen at Lake Balboa.

My Valley Pass

What to Know

  • Aug. 1-10, select nights
  • Lake Balboa
  • A special "Top Gun" screening is popping up at Van Nuys Airport on July 13

Movie-focused events can sometimes be cinematic in their own right, even beyond what's going on on the screen, depending upon where they happen.

Take the outdoor film happenings from My Valley Pass, the culture-minded organization that celebrates all that's way-cool about the SFV.

Calling these annual movie pop-ups "Hot Drive-in Nights" would be correct, as the "hot" part comes from the fact that they happen in August, while these events do, in fact, possess that quintessential drive-in vibe.

If that sounds just like stepping straight into an '80s film in your mind, a flick called "Hot Drive-in Nights," perhaps, then best scoop up a ticket or two soon, as the 2019 slate for San Fernando Valley Summer Drive-in Nights is now on sale.

"Raiders of the Lost Ark," featuring everyone's favorite fedora-sporting archaeology professor, will kick the Lake Balboa series off on Aug. 1, while "Grease" wraps it up, with '50s-style panache, on Aug. 10.

"Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone," "Jurassic Park," "Born in East L.A.," and "The Goonies" will fill out the movie-tastic middle.

And one early special screening, on July 13? "Top Gun" will wing into the Van Nuys Airport on July 13. A nifty bonus with this particular night? It's a fundraiser for the Valley Relics Museum, which found a new home at the airport in 2018.

A general admission to "Top Gun" is $20, while individual tickets range from $14.95 through $16.95 for the August screenings at Lake Balboa.

If you've always wanted to enter the world of an '80s movie, you can, in theory, by visiting a pop-up drive-in on an August night.

There's something so wholesome about the notion, and retro, and kitschy, too, that it won't be hard to think of yourself as the star in some cinematic treat that was made back in the age of mullets, feathered bangs, roller skates, and hot drive-in nights.

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