Huell Howser Movie Night

Revisit a quartet of "California's Gold" episodes in Eagle Rock.

Truth? You absolutely do not want to go toe-to-toe with a true-blue, episode-memorizing Huell Howser fan.

They will out-"That's Amazing!" you at every turn. They remember every Golden State nook that the affable public television travelogue host visited, every quirky and kind local resident he smiled at, every player piano or candy conveyor belt he stood alongside, marveling at its efficiency or charm.

The much-loved small-town, roadside-attraction champion passed away in January 2013, but fans still watch his multiple travel series again and again, picking up new tips and favorite bits with each viewing. And four of those episodes, all from "California's Gold," will screen at the historic Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock on Thursday, Sept. 11.

"Petroglyphs" is on the bill, and "Pet Cemetery," too. "Mammoths" will be one of the night's episodes as well as Mr. Howser's visit to colorful Salvation Mountain in Niland. All choice half hours, all well-remembered by his legion of devotees.

Angel Diaz, the archivist for "California's Gold," will also chat during the evening, a special treat.

Cost? Fifteen dollars. The organizer? Obscura Society LA. Snacks and drinks? They'll be available at the nearly-hundred-year-old building "for a small donation."

Memories of the man who brought all corners of our state into our living rooms, and did so with oomph, cheer, and a connection that resonated with viewers? They'll be plentiful. We're only hoping that the "That's Amazing"s will flow all evening among audience members, and a few people will unleash that most quintessential and heartfelt of all of Mr. Howser's trademark catchphrases: "It just doesn't get any better than this."

It really doesn't, when you're spending a night with four classic "California's Gold" episodes and other lifelong Huell Howser buffs.

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