Palos Verdes Peninsula

Hundreds of Butterflies to ‘SOAR' at South Coast Botanic Garden

Call it one of the showiest signs of spring: The fluttery habitat will offer wonderful ways to get closer to the ethereal insects.

South Coast Botanic Garden

What to Know

  • SOAR at South Coast Botanic Garden
  • Opens May 1, 2023; $6 for garden members, "up to $23" for non-members (your garden admission is included); the Butterfly Feeding Experience is $6
  • Palos Verdes Peninsula

Good things come in threes, or so the old chestnut goes.

Clover plants typically sport three leaves, the Rule of Three tells us there's a pattern to sharing a satisfying story, and quickly describing how a day unfolds? We'll often go with "morning, noon, and night," which pretty aptly sums up the 24-hour experience.

And when an uplifting experience flutters into its magical third year? We're feeling threely, er, really good about the news, especially during the time of year when an outdoor outing is so very pleasurable.

The fluttering festivity we're rhapsodizing about is called SOAR, South Coast Botanic Garden's annual butterfly happening.

The habitat is popping up again for a multi-month run, starting on May 1, giving visitors to the Palos Verdes Peninsula destination the ethereal opportunity to walk by, below, and even among a lot of butterflies.

As in, "hundreds of tropical butterflies."

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This will be a summer-long sweetness, or at least as long as the traditionally observed summer season lasts.

The closing date? It's Aug. 31, the Thursday ahead of Labor Day Weekend.

Something new in 2023 is the Butterfly Feeding Experience, giving guests the chance to interact with the winged insects on a fresh (and foodie) level.

The activity, which is available for an additional $6, will give you the chance to "... choose from a flower vial or ring filled with nectar to use while inside the pavilion to help entice butterflies to come close to you for the optimum and most immersive experience."

The Emergence Chamber puts a fascinating focus on pupae, if you and your butterfly-obsessed tots are keen to observe a butterfly's beginnings.

Read more about this warm-weather whimsy, which gives we terrestrial sorts the chance to SOAR, at least in our minds and hearts, while observing some of the most exquisite insects that cohabitate on this planet alongside us.

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