Huzzah, It's Ren Faire's Sweetheart Sale

The royal springtime affair is galloping our way, but there's still time to find a festive deal.

Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire

What to Know

  • $45 for two tickets
  • Through Feb. 15, 2020
  • The faire is on from April 4-May 17 (weekends only)

Ye olde-ing can be done at any point of the calendar.

All you need to do is slip into some tights, and find a few doubloons, and perhaps plan a merry hangout with your jester-like friends.

But ye olde-ing, as in the act of summoning wayback-style fun, becomes much easier in April and May around Southern California, for that's when the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire parades, with pomp, into Irwindale.

The weekends-only lark is absolutely rife with pomp, thanks to the presence of a queen, and jousting showdowns, and, yes, jesters, too.

There are panache-packing performers aplenty, the kind of artists you might have seen centuries ago, so prepare to hear a host of ribald songs and jokes that are absolutely lush with lively wordplay.

If this all appeals to you and your paramour, well, forsooth and so forth: There's a Sweetheart Sale happening now, in honor of Valentine's Day, which means that you can shave a few doubloons, er, bucks off your entry price.


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And if you'd like to give your ladyfriend or favorite knight a pair of tickets to the springtime celebration when you break bread on Valentine's Day? Hark! It's best to move quickly to secure your savings.

Buy two tickets for $45, which will indeed put a few extra dollars in the pocket of your pantaloons, but buy them faster than a steed rides: The Sweetheart Sale ends on Feb. 15, 2020.

The tickets are good for one day during the festival.

Will you be at Ren Faire on the opening weekend of 2020, which is April 4-5?

That is less than two months away. And if you can't make it for the opening, you'll have several other weekends to choose from. And, you bet, the popular theme weekends will be back, so you can time your faire fun to Pirate Weekend or Monsters & Magic Weekend.

The final date of the colorful festival? It's May 17, which means there will be a bouquet of springtime Saturdays and Sundays to enjoy at Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area.

And wouldn't you enjoy your visit a pinch more if you saved a pinch of pocket change? Ye olde lovers o' LA, your Sweetheart Sale is on now, oh hooray and huzzah.

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