Huzzah Your Way to a Ren Faire Deal Now

The springtime lark is months away, but delightful discounts are currently afoot.

What to Know

  • $22 (regular price $29.95)
  • Sale ends on Jan. 2 at 11:59
  • Use your ticket on any day of the 2018 event

April 2018 can seem like a long way away, which is understandable, as it is in a wholly different year, in a wholly different season, and flowers will be budding and bugs'll be buzzing and the sun'll be sunning and right now we're all hunkered down experiencing some of the longest nights of the year.

But consider this: Saturday, April 7, 2018 is around 100 days away from this typing, which still seems like a pretty bulky number.

What will happen upon that auspicious day, though, celebrates something that happened around 136,000 days ago, give or take if you choose a date to count from somewhere in the middle of the 1600s.

It's the opening of the 2018 Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

In short, 100 or so days to wait is a blink compared to 136,000 days gone by, which all steeds to this. Er, leads to this, that is, and we only just put "steeds" there because, of course, jousting is a central happening at the Ren Faire: The Irwindale lark, which spreads out at Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area over several springtime weekends is MUCH closer to now than the actual Renaissance.

No one would quibble with us putting "MUCH" in all caps when it comes to the reality of that fact.

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So clip-clop-ing your way to a ticket now, as if riding a steed, is recommended, if you do love the faire, and you love discounts. For the Holidazzle Sale is afoot, through Jan. 2, 2018, and if you buy a ticket to the Ren Faire, you'll save a handful of dollars, which might be used towards the purchase some medieval-style jewelry, or a flower headband, or some armor.

Or spend that money you've saved now, on the holidays. A fancy mead? That feels both holiday-ish and Renaissance-ish, both.

A normally priced ticket is $29.95. The sale price is $22.

The distance between those two prices, numbers-wise, isn't as great as the distance of days between today and the Renaissance, but saving nearly eight bucks can make one want to shout "huzzah" or the ye olde exclamation of one's choice.

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