‘I Do' Want to Meet the Haunted Mansion's Black Widow Bride

Actor Kat Cressida gave voice to the iconic figure; now say hi, and have her sign a wickedly cool tee, at Midsummer Scream.

What to Know

  • Midsummer Scream
  • Long Beach Convention Center, Aug. 3 and 4
  • Ms. Cressida will sign t-shirts in the convention's Haunted Mansion section on both Saturday and Sunday

Ask a true devotee of Disneyland to speak their favorite line from an attraction, and you might hear "it's the wildest ride in the wilderness!" or "it be too late to alter course now, mateys."

But for many fans who favor phantoms, the absolute quintessential quote, and one that will always summon a chill, even on the hottest Anaheim afternoon, has to be "I do, I did."

If you've Doom-Buggy'd through the Haunted Mansion, you've met the famous Black Widow Bride, the glowing, grinning figure who calls the attic of the eerie attraction her haunting home.

The veil-rocking villain is beyond legendary, as is her tone and delivery, which was fancifully fashioned by celebrated voice actor Kat Cressida.

Animation aficionados know the performer from a host of beloved shows, including "Dexter's Labratory," and she could have very well voiced a character in your favorite game (she thoroughly rocks that world, too).

For Haunted Mansion mavens, though, the talented Ms. Cressida is the not-so-happy but oh-so-entertaining bride, one of the few characters in the 50-year-old theme park landmark to have a speaking role (the Ghost Host and Madame Leota also come to macabre mind).

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Ms. Cressida will stop by Midsummer Scream, the world's largest Halloween convention, to honor her famous wedding-wicked character, and the 50th anniversary of the Haunted Mansion, too, by saying hello to fans and signing a brand-new t-shirt that'll have you feeling plenty of bride, er, pride.

That cool Kreepsville tee?

It features an impish illustration of Constance Hathaway, which is, of course, the name that the Black Widow Bride signs on all of her many marriage certificates.

The words "Here Comes the Bride" add further wryness to the winning tee, one that will likely have many a Mansion buff asking you where you got it.

And when they learned you had it signed by the BWB herself, you'll surely stir up a twinge of jealousy, as sure as portraits stretch and ghosts hitchhike and clocks strike 13.

(Here's some not-so-scary news: If you can't make Midsummer Scream, the tees'll be available through Kreepsville after the convention.)

While Southern Californians do encounter actors from film and television every now and then, saying hello to an iconic Disneyland performer, one who is probably speaking to a Doom Buggy full of ghost-loving guests as you read this, is a far rarer opportunity.

Make time, at Midsummer Scream, to thank Ms. Cressida for her deviously delightful performance, and have her sign a tee, too. She'll be wielding a pen, and not, of course, the illuminated ax that has inspired many squirms over the years.

But where can one find this supernatural star? There's a dedicated Haunted Mansion section at the Long Beach-based expo, and she'll be appearing on both days of the convention, on Aug. 3 and 4.

And when your friends ask you if you have the new Black Widow Bride t-shirt in your possession, you can answer with these two words: I do.

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