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Ice Cream Alley Is Back in Time for National Ice Cream Day

The most scoop-tastic celebration on the calendar is here, and Smorgasburg LA is lining up the cones, cups, and zazzy toppings.


What to Know

  • July 18 is National Ice Cream Day
  • Smorgasburg LA will re-launch Ice Cream Alley, which features a line-up of ice cream vendors, on July 18 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Entry to the ROW DTLA food market is free

Scoop it, spread it between two cookies, dollop it on a waffle, or add a hefty hunk to a glass of your favorite soda?

Deciding what to do when you have a pint of your favorite ice cream can be a wicket so sticky that you might throw your hands in the hair, reach for spoon, and eat it straight from the carton.

And cartons and spoons shall be raised on July 18, which just happens to be one of the creamiest, chocolate-chunk-iest, and utterly tempting to-dos on the food calendar.

Or do we mean "udderly" tempting? Yes, we mean that.

It's National Ice Cream Day, and while serious scoopists will celebrate by visiting the local parlor down the street, hosting a sundae bar in the backyard, or simply scouring the freezer for what goodies might be stashed in the back, plenty of local fans of frosty eats will make for Smorgasburg LA.


Because the ROW DTLA happening, which just happens to be "the largest weekly open-air food market in America," is bringing back one of its most popular features: Ice Cream Alley.

And while Smorgasburg LA returned on July 4, following a year-plus closure, the line-up of creatively minded ice cream vendors didn't set up their booths on opening day.

But now, on National Ice Cream Day, they'll be back with scoops, cones, bowls, colorful jimmies, and fancy cans of whipped cream in hand.

The dairy-delightful array of Ice Cream Alley vendors include Happy Ice, Sweet & Hollow, and Wanderlust Creamery. The luscious list can be viewed here.

Entry to Smorgasburg LA is free, but, of course, bring money for any ice cream treats you want (or, yep, savory fare or to spend at the beer garden).

Pets? They should remain at home.

Happy National Ice Cream Day, for all seekers of sublime scoopage.

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