Iconic New York Pizzeria to Pop up in LA

If you're an Off the Menu club member, you'll score a free slice of Prince Street Pizza during the three-day event.

Prince Street Pizza

What to Know

  • Feb. 7-9, 2020
  • 8947 W. Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood
  • $6 slices for sale; free slice for Off the Menu members

That magical combo of sauce, crust, cheese, and toppings?

You can find that particular fourpack in plenty of spots around Southern California, in a seemingly limitless array of tempting expressions.

And while you might have your local favorites, the parlors that do your kind of pizza right, it can be tricky when when you long for a slice that's a long ways away.

Take New York City, which, by any measure, sits a good distance from Los Angeles.

If you've been hankering for a classic, NYC-strong slice, the sort of slice found at, say, Prince Street Pizza, you've been out of luck, if you don't have a trip east in the works.

But here's news that's as tasty as the Empire State Building is tall: Prince Street Pizza is heading to our neck o' the woods, for three flavorful days for a pop-up partnership, one that includes Uber Eats and Off the Menu.


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The appetizing upshot? If you're a member of the foodie app, you'll score a free slice from Feb. 7-9, 2020.

Not a member? You can still buy a slice for six bucks.

Can't make it to West Hollywood, where the pop-up will set up shop? You can order your Prince Street Pizza through the Uber Eats app.

And if you're a fan of streetwear brand Pizza Slime? Look for "limited-edition merchandise" for sale at the pop-up, running from $33 to $69.

It's a pizza party, with a NYC twist, and streetwear cool, and gotta-get-it-now urgency.

If you're heading to the Big Pizza, er, Apple, over the second weekend of February? Lucky you, you can find your perfect pizza pie.

But you can in West Hollywood, too, over that same weekend, thanks to Prince Street Pizza swinging through town with its spectacular sauce, crust, cheese, and toppings in tow.

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