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Identical Twins, the California Science Center Needs You

The Exposition Park museum is mounting an exhibit called "Twin Stories"; selected identical twins will pose for a photo and reflect on their lives together.

Eugenio Marongiu

What to Know

  • Twin Stories, a future exhibition at the Exposition Park museum
  • Identical twins can apply to be photographed and share quotes
  • The form to apply is live now

Identical twins are often on the receiving end of the most outlandish, strange, and probing questions from the non-twin public.

Do twins have the same dreams? Do they experience the same food cravings? Does one twin know when the other twin is in trouble, sad, or celebrating a success, without even being in touch?

Beyond our more mystical questions, though, there is the science of twindom, which is full of fascinating facts, in-depth ponderings, and surprising revelations that illuminate what it means to be human.

The California Science Center will mount a future exhibition that celebrates identical twins, how they're connected to each other, and other amazing aspects of a truly shared journey.

This is where you come in, if you happen to be an identical twin. The center is asking for you and your twin to share your thoughts and play a part in "Twin Stories."

Your age? It matters not: The center would love to hear from you and your twin.

"In this exhibit, guests will learn how identical twins share the same genetic material but develop into unique individuals through their lived experiences and interactions with their environment."

If you and your sibling are selected for the project, you'll be photographed together. And, for sure, you'll also be able to provide a quote to complement your twinly snapshot.

The form to fill out is live now, and it is a short one. Start here, and see if you are selected to share your twin-tastic tale with a truly twin-fascinated world.

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