IHOP Is Giving Fans an IOU on Its Famous Free Pancakes

The traditional Free Pancakes Day, a wintertime fan favorite, is off in 2021, but the restaurant chain has a sweet promise for the future.

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What to Know

  • The restaurant chain is known for its pancake giveaway, which also raises money for charity, on the Tuesday before Lent
  • That event is canceled for 2021, but fans can sign up for an IOU on the IHOP web site
  • The IOU is good for all of April 2021 (it'll arrive in your inbox on April 1); just register by March 31

You can't spell IHOP without an I and an O, and as far as the U?

That's where you come in, or U, if you prefer.

For while the restaurant chain's famous pancake giveaway isn't happening on National Pancake Day (that's would be the Tuesday that arrives just ahead of Lent), it will still happen with a made-for-2021 twist.

The "made-for-2021" part?

Here it is: The company may have canceled its free pancake giveaway, but it is looking to a future time when people can swing by the blue-roof'd icon for a complimentary short stack of buttermilk flapjacks.

How to make this syrup-laden magic happen?

By offering pancake-obsessed people an IOU via the IHOP site.

You can sign up for your IOU now, all with the idea that you'll be able to score your gratis stack soon.

How soon?

That IOU is redeemable on any date in April. (Do note you can use your IOU once.)

And that's April 2021, so, for sure, your springtime will possess the scent of syrup and the fun flair of getting something delicious for free.

You'll need to join MyHop to get your IOU, which can be done here. But if you're already a member?

You're good to go. Just make sure you circle an April date, so you don't forget to collect on this comfort-food-y classic.

Happy National Pancake Day, flapjack fans.

You may not find your freebie on Feb. 16, 2021, but the nummy knowledge that you'll enjoy your pay-nothing pancakes in a few weeks has to warm the heart if not, for the moment, the tummy.

Tummy-warming, though, begins on April 1, no fooling.

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