In a BOLD Move, Beverly Hills to Stay Open Later

Shops'll keep longer hours on select days, and art happenings will reign, too, in and around Rodeo Drive.

What to Know

  • Aug. 1-24, 2019
  • Thursday through Saturday evenings
  • Extended shopping hours, art installations, special happenings

We all keep to regular daily hours, even if we don't post them for the world to see.

When we rise? When we hanker for a snack? When we want to step outdoors for some sunshine? When we need a quiet moment?

Those are our tried-and-true, must-be-observed hours. Especially the one dealing with the snack.

Likewise, cities, and businesses within those places, also have particular time stretches that are generally adhered to, unless a special reason comes along to change everything, at least for a little bit. 

Take the heart of Beverly Hills, which finds that special reason to go further, hour-wise, each August via a multi-week celebration called BOLD Beverly Hills.

And how the city goes further? It's easy: Several businesses stay open later on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings.

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Adding to the air of stay-up-late-a-tude are art installations, special concerts, a Louis Vuitton X exhibition, architectural tours along Rodeo Drive, and fireworks for the kick-off night of Aug. 1.

But several interesting, stop-and-watch happenings will weave through the four-week schedule, which concludes on Saturday, Aug. 24.

Whatever your own personal posted hours might be, you can probably push it a wee bit later on a warm August evening, if you happen to be in the Beverly Hills neck o' the woods, in the vicinity of Rodeo Drive, and you're looking for art, summer-nice sounds, people-watching, colorful pop-ups, and a reason to stay out past your usual head-home time.

All of the fripperies, festivities, and fabulous-ities? Find them here, BOLD lovers of the SoCal's glitteriest Golden Triangle.

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