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In-App Adorableness: Find Adoptable Pups

Bark'N'Borrow and NKLA are making it easier, and awww-ier, than ever to find a new furry friend.

If you are obsessed with dogs, there is no other way about it: That's going to be your one true pup-happy path for life, and hooray for that.

Not everyone, however, can be with a dog at all times, every single day, even if they want to be (no "hooray" given, for obvious reasons). But Bark'N'Borrow, called "an Uber-type matchmaking service" by the New York Times, has been working on that sad, pup-free gap by pairing pooches with people who want to hang out and cuddle them, at least for a bit.

On the fly cuddle time? With a canine near you? For a few hours or a day? Within a 50,000-person network of devoted dog fans? That does deserve a "hooray."

Now Bark'N'Borrow has teamed up with NKLA, the shelter overseen by Best Friends Animal Society LA, to create another dogly dimension to the free app: Matching adoptable pups with forever homes.

These would not be tail-waggers you'd visit with for an afternoon before returning your new friend to his or her family, just to be clear. Rather, these collar-less cuties are shelter residents who need to find a permanent address. Permanent and adoring, too, if addresses can be adoring. (For now, let's say they can be.)

And that's "collar-less" in the more philosophical sense, of course. These adoptable dogs don't yet belong to a human, but surely would like to find a person to love.

If you're that person, consider perusing the app, which will continue to cover dog-borrowing and dog-sitting, as well as local Lassies and Laddies who'd love to not be so much "borrowed" for a day but hugged close for always.

Yep, you'll be swiping as you see these sweeties, but be sure to pause on each, for a moment, to get the fuller picture.

Want some background on Bark'N'Borrow and how finding a Fido near you to play fetch with works? Or more on the shelter dogs now front-and-centered within the app? Wag your tail in this direction.

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