Indie Game Buffs Converge on Culver City

Designers, creators, players, and you can all take a try-it-out swing at tomorrow's hot titles.

"Tomorrow" was a very big selling point in the "Mad Men"-era of advertising. Nobody wanted "today"-type stuff, or at least they were told they didn't. Rather innovation, experimentation, and modernization were keys to a door labeled "Future."

We don't have many cracks at Tomorrow as a concept anymore, except in a few spots. One of those fabled misty lands is Culver City, which hosts a large-scale gathering each fall that's fully devoted to independent games, many with recognizable handles but many that sit on the cusp of recognition and household-namery.

"The cusp of recognition" reeks of Tomorrowness, of course. Which means fans obsessed with independent games'll be out in full, joystick-rocking force at Indiecade, a three-day celebration that alights at a number of Culver City locations from Oct. 10 through 12. Creators of these independent game, the imaginative types doin' their own outlandish things, will get the spotlight, and, of course, so shall their creations.

Creations that gamers'll get to try out. That's at the heart of Indiecade, not just looking but actually doing, which means that "hands-on gameplay with more than 150 top independent games" will be a major draw for tomorrow-loving game fans.

Digital games are big, but table and real-world games make their stand in Culver City, too.

As for the people making all of this try-it-for-yourself entertainment? A host of panels, social happenings, info-packed-full events, exhibitors, and other connections-made doings fill out the daily grids.

Call Indiecade both for the game aficionado and the game honcho, a weekend both brand-new gamers and longtime programmers can enjoy. It isn't often these two groups meld into one fun thing, but maybe Tomorrow will hold more of that coming-together-ness, in games and in everything.

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