Individual Hollywood Bowl Tickets Now on Sale

Just want to go on your own, or with a friend, to a single show? Here's your chance to book your seat.

Adam Latham

The pleasures of summer often seem to fan out from a central celebration, like the beams from the sun or wheel spokes.

A July barbecue might be your main event of the month, or an August road trip to a natural wonder, or the chance to see distant family? That meaningful moment will surely serve as your summer's main building block.

Likewise, the perfect concert can serve as a sweet summer centerpoint, a happy hub, the main goal of the season, the event that everything else orbits.

If this is how you approach your warm-weather music-based enjoyment, by selecting a special show or two to attend, then the individual ticket option at the Hollywood Bowl was created with you, and your concert-going proclivities, in mind.

And those individual tickets to single shows? They're on sale, as of May 3, for the 2022 season.

It's a season that is especially ebullient, and festooned with fabulous moments, thanks in large part to the major milestone that the world-famous entertainment venue is quickly approaching.

The Hollywood Bowl is 100 years old, and its centennial season will sound the trumpets and strum the guitars in honor of this festive fact.

Some of the highlights — and claiming that the 100th season is all highlights would not be incorrect — include a splashy opening night featuring Gwen Stefani, conductor Gustavo Dudamel, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic, a Juneteenth Celebration, the July 4th Spectacular with Steve Martin and Martin Short, and "Kinky Boots" starring Wayne Brady, Jake Shears, and Kelly Marie Tran.

Movie nights, themed to some of the "Harry Potter" films, "Amadeus," and "Back to the Future," Diana Ross, and Duran Duran are some of the other amazing events to anticipate.

But part of anticipation is preparation, which means you can now secure that individual ticket to the concerts you'd love to enjoy.

Start here and book your night, or nights, and create the hub, or centerpoint, or merry middle of your summer season, the event that you build everything else you'd like to do around.

Want to see more than one show? Consider a subscription to the Hollywood Bowl or the much-loved Create Your Own deal.

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