‘Infinity Mirrors': The Broad to Release More Tickets

Didn't score a ticket to the much-in-demand exhibit on Sept. 1? Mark Oct. 2 for your next chance.

It's a pointless and frustrating exercise to try and predict what a large bulk of Angelenos are doing at any single point in time.

We're working, we're at the beach, we're on the 405, we're in class, we're eating at a favorite restaurant, we're resting up to face another day in this thoroughly thrilling, dynamic, sometimes exhausting, always exhilarating megalopolis.

But back on Friday, Sept. 1 at noon? Thousands of Southern Californians were all doing the exact same thing: Attempting to purchase a $25 ticket to Yayoi Kusama's "Infinity Mirrors" exhibit, an upcoming, beyond-anticipated, everyone's-abuzz exhibit set to debut at The Broad on Saturday, Oct. 21.

Alas: Some 50,000 tickets sold out in under two hours on Sept. 1, leaving thousands of hope-filled art aficionados still queued up online awaiting their chance to attend the whimsical, hue-bright, walk-through world of the celebrated artist.

But those people who didn't snag a ticket need not be blue, for on Monday, Sept. 11 The Broad revealed that it will release more tickets to the in-demand exhibit on Monday, Oct. 2.

How will this happen? Will the Grand Avenue contemporary art institution fold time and space to make the exhibit bigger, allowing more people inside?

Well, the "time" part is partly right: The museum has just committed to staying open for an additional 14 hours each week, "for a total of 62 operational hours each week," during the exhibit's Oct. 21 through Jan. 1, 2018 run.

Some of those hours will be earlier in the day and some later.

"(T)he museum is also increasing the number of visitors it will accommodate during visiting hours," revealed a release.

So what does this all add up to, in terms of tickets? "(N)early 40,000 additional advance tickets will be made available in the upcoming release."

The Broad has posted some helpful, must-read tips on "HOW TO BOOK TICKETS" to the exhibit, including the time you'll want to enter the online waiting room on the first Monday in October, and what will happen after you're inside.

For all the essential details, study this instruction-filled page, then set your alerts and alarms for Monday, Oct. 2, Kusama mavens, lovers of whimsy, and Angelenos who still really, really want that ticket.

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