International Dog Day Fêtes Our Fabulous Fidos

Woof woof: Aug. 26 is the canine-iest occasion on the calendar. Looking to meet a new forever friend? Clear the Shelters can help.

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What to Know

  • Aug. 26 is International Dog Day
  • Adoptions are open at all six LA Animal Centers; be sure to make an appointment before you visit
  • If you're not looking to adopt at this time, you can donate to animal-helping causes through the Clear the Shelters campaign

Does your cute and cuddlesome canine even know where the calendar is located inside your home?

Surely he has had a drink of water in the vicinity of your datebook a few times, or chowed down on some kibble a few feet away from where the family calendar is displayed.

But giving it a glance or even being slightly interested in what is happening on which days and when?

That's the delight of being a dog: They're the now-iest of beings, forever living in this exact moment. Call our dogs the ultimate inspiration in not getting too inside our heads about what's next.

There is, however, a day on the calendar when we pause to salute the paw-rocking, snout-sweet, soft-fur'd superstars in our worlds. It's the 26th day of August, each year, which is International Dog Day.

How are you honoring your pup today? With a new toy, a fresh treat, five minutes of dedicated scritching on the hour, every hour?

You can observe the uplifting occasion in a few ways.

Adopting? It's always kind-hearted notion, and there are ways to connect with home-needing woofers.

Look to Clear the Shelters, the annual pet adoption and donation campaign from NBC and Telemundo stations.

Tips on the adoption journey, how to prepare for a pooch to settle into your home, and lots of other tail-wagging tips are on the Clear the Shelters hub, so trot by now.

Clear the Shelters is raising an arf-arf through Sept. 19, so make time to connect with a canine, donate, or volunteer, if you can.

One easy way to connect and soon, too? Make for Pasadena Humane on Saturday, Aug. 28, where fees will be available during a Clear the Shelters adoption event.

And on the morning of Aug. 26, 2021? Best Friends Animal Society will stop by the Amazon 4-star store in Glendale for a special ceremony. Amazon is presenting a $10,000 gift card to the animal organization, as well as distributing treats, toys, and more.

The donated goodies will also help Hank's Legacy Foundation, which helps rescue pets in several important ways.

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