Irvine Park Railroad Christmas Train Tickets Go on Sale

Spots for this sweet seasonal tradition fly as fast as a reindeer, so secure yours soon.

Irvine Park Railroad

What to Know

  • Irvine Park Railroad, an attraction that includes an adorable train, kid activities, and more, is located in Orange
  • Spots on the destination's popular Christmas Train always sell out quickly
  • Tickets go on sale on Monday, Nov. 7 at 10 a.m.; $20 to $35 each

If we had to choo-choose one of the merriest must-rides in the region, we'd have to look to a happy, activity-filled attraction, one that boasts one of the best-known holiday happenings around.

Orange you glad you know exactly where we're going with this train of thought?

We're pulling into the station at Irvine Park Railroad with this twisty-turn line of thinking, a place that countless Southern California families know well.

After all, this is the sunshiny Orange-based spot for cute holiday pursuits, pumpkin patches in the fall, Easter Bunny sightings, and, come late November, one very popular jingle-jangle enjoyment.

It's the Christmas Train we're caroling about, a seasonal attraction that is notable for A) its nostalgia-fueled festiveness and B) the fact that it always sells out rather quickly.

And tickets for this locomotive lark?

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They go on sale on Monday, Nov. 7 at 10 o'clock in the morning.

There's lots to know about these sought-after spots, so checking Irvine Park Railroad's social pages, to learn more about how the purchasing process will proceed.

Other adorable events shall festoon the outdoor extravaganza, like Photos with Santa (those are a separate ticket, do note) and a whole peppermint-scented scene brimming with gleeful goings-on.

Cookie decorating, ice fishing, a crafty area, and other ho-ho-haps are all ticketed, but there are some complimentary offerings, like chances to pose for pictures in some especially cheery, well-decorated settings.

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