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Irvine Park Railroad's Pumpkin Patch Will Sprout Again

The annual event "will be much different than in years past," with several safety measures in place.

Rebecca Richardson

What to Know

  • Oct. 1-31
  • Free to enter; parking is $3
  • Several safety measures are in place, and while you can't go search for your pumpkin, staff members will show you a selection

What first draws your gaze to a gourd?

Is it a twisty stem? An oddball shape? The fact that a particular pumpkin just seems like it needs a pal?

When searching for a squash that knocks your socks off, or at least inspires you to pick up a small carving tool and get to work, you need a sizable spread to review, the sort of pumpkin-packed place that gives you plenty of choice.

For Southern California, one of those primo, pump'd-up pumpkin patches has long been the one found at Irvine Park Railroad in Orange.

As with many traditions families love, people have wondered if the outdoor event would make a return in 2020, in the face of the pandemic and the measures we're taking to stay safe.

It will be back, it was just revealed, though the popular patch will look "much different than in years past," says the team behind the snapshot-ready spot.

One example of that? From the site: "We are modifying and scaling this event down to ensure the safety of all visitors as well as our staff. When the Pumpkin Patch reaches capacity, as one family/group exits, another family/group will be allowed to enter."

Something else that's new for this year?

Call it a considerate, safety-minded concierge service: Since strolling around among the pumpkins won't be possible for guests in 2020, staff members will give you "several options" too peruse.

Meaning that someone has selected some swell pumpkins for you to pick from, streamlining the process.

The dates are Oct. 1-31, and the railroad is encouraging people to visit on weekdays, due to line and capacity considerations.

For all of the safety updates and new policies, visit the Irvine Park Railroad site now.

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