It’s a Fa, La, Legoland Kind of Holiday

LEGO Santa is one of the brick-mazing wonders of Holidays at LEGOLAND.

LEGOLAND/Sandy Huffaker

What to Know

  • Nov. 18, 2017-Jan. 1, 2018
  • Carlsbad's the spot
  • Decorations and a seasonal show are part of the fun

You have to feel for the other gifts under the tree, just a tad, when a box of Lego bricks is unwrapped.

Because the first thing the unwrapper is going to do? Open the box. And then the next thing? Click a couple of bricks together. And then the next thing? Wonder if they can build a full-scale space castle by dinnertime.

Lego has a way of consuming creative builders, both of the kidly and adult variety, on our big holidays, and the fact that Legoland, in Carlsbad, has its own holiday doings makes as much sense as a space castle. (Which, of course, makes TOTAL sense, because nothing is cooler than a space castle constructed solely of Lego bricks.)

Before you start dreaming of the space castle you'll build, consider a Carlsbad getaway to the land o' Legodom, where Holidays at Legoland will keep on click-click-clicking right through to New Year's Day beginning on Nov. 18.

What can you expect to experience at the attraction? There's a Lego Friends Holiday Show, live on stage, and elfly high jinks with The Yule Tides, and festive edibles (think peppermint milkshakes and a Holiday Smoked Turkey Sandwich), and under-the-waves whimsy at Sea Life aquarium. 

Plus? You can count on Legoland Hotel clicking into the seasonal swing of things, and it shall, with stories and decorations.

And, as certain as a fully constructed space castle will elicit "oohs" and "aahs" from your family, you can count on seeing Lego Santa during Holidays at Legoland. This is not hand-big Santa, either, but a life-sized Kris Kringle, which is way nifty.

There are Lego reindeer, too, of course, and to say this is a must-do photo opportunity is to... well, say you must do it, if you want a fun snapshot for social media and/or the holiday cards you're vowing to send out this year.

If you're visiting on Dec. 9 or 16, swing by the Winter Holiday Market, too, at fa, la, Legoland.

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