It's a First: Tapia Bros. Farm Is Staying Open for January

Shop for your winter squashes, potatoes, and more healthy eats in the open-air setting of Encino's famous produce wonderland.

Tapia Bros. Farm/Justin Lewis

What to Know

  • 5251 Hayvenhurst Avenue in Encino
  • Winter hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday; closed Sunday
  • Tomatoes are still available, and wintry favorites, too, like squashes and potatoes. Strawberries are back in March.

Treasures that are full of tomatoes? Superstars that are bountiful with beautiful squashes?

Potatoes filling up those perfect places that we think of when we think of fresh and local produce?

We're so fortunate, here in Southern California, to have so many historic farms nearby, the locations that are laden with all sorts of vegetables and fruits and all of the goodies that make us feel good when we eat and enjoy them.

One of those local treasures is Tapia Bros. Farm of Encino.

If you've been calling upon the Havenhurst haven of pumpkins and Christmas trees for decades, then you know that this neighborhood-y spot has all sorts of berries, root vegetables, lettuces, and other cooking must-haves of the crispest and most flavorful varieties.

But here's something new: Thanks to the temperate days we've been experiencing, the farm will stay open through January, and February, too.

For sure, that's something new, if you count yourself as a longtime Tapia Bros. supporter. It typically shutters for several weeks following the closure of its annual Christmas tree lot at the end of December.

Keep in mind that Tapia Bros. is observing winter hours, so stop by for your open-air produce purchasing on any day but Sunday, when it will be closed. And do arrive between 9 a.m. and 5 o'clock on the days it is open.

Squashes and potatoes are looking great right now, is the word, so plan on some hearty stews and bakes for your January evenings. Tomatoes, too, are still lovely, but swing by soon before the juicy fruit's seasonal reign comes to a close.

As for those famous Tapia Bros. strawberries? Look to the middle of March, or so, for the first fruit-fun sign of the beloved berries.

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