It's an ‘Eggstravaganza' at Disneyland Resort

Search for the character-cute "eggs" around both theme parks and Downtown Disney District.

Disneyland Resort

What to Know

  • "Eggs" depicting characters have been hidden around Disneyland park, Disney California Adventure, and Downtown Disney District
  • You can purchase a game board and stickers at select spots; there are three different game boards, one for each location; $9.99 plus tax
  • Through April 17, 2022

The famous Hidden Mickeys of Disneyland Resort are well-loved by those fans in the know, as well as aspiring Mickey mavens eager to join the look-around-and-discover fun.

And that insider-y fun?

It's simply and sweetly this: If you gaze around while visiting Disneyland park, you might spy a certain shape, say, in the wrought iron of a fence or some stonework. And that shape? It's an instantly recognizable outline created by three connecting circles, with the two smaller "ears" topping Mickey Mouse's head.

The makers of magic at The Happiest Place on Earth have a talent for creating merry mysteries, the sort of hidden-in-sight delights that keep theme park guests scanning windows, doorways, and the ground for any festive finds.

And the festive finds at the Anaheim destination are especially egg-cellent in the springtime. For while Hidden Mickeys gleefully grace various parts of the parks all year long, Eggstravaganza, a seasonal search, only pops up for a few weeks each March and April.

So how does all of this Disney-style whimsy work?

"Eggs," as in oversized oval artworks featuring Disney characters, have been placed, in clever crannies and interesting nooks, around Disneyland park, Disney California Adventure, and Downtown Disney District.

They'll remain in those spots through April 17, giving people a chance to locate them.

Adding to the egg-venture, which is like an adventure, only themed to egg-finding? There are game boards and stickers, for $9.99 (plus tax), giving you a chance to keep track of what you discover as you go.

There's a different game board for each park, and the shopping district, too. And you can purchase one at a number of spots around the resort (just make sure you're buying the game board for where you'll be that day, if you want to play).

And when you return your game board, whether it is full of stickers, the stickers indicating you found the hidden eggs, or not?

You'll be able to "... collect an eggsceptional surprise — one of six collectible eggs!"

"Gawrsh," as Goofy might exclaim.

There are a few details about this sweet quest to unspool first, and, for sure, if you want to look for eggs in one of the theme parks, you'll need a ticket and reservation (searching around Downtown Disney District is free, though, yes, if you want a game board and stickers to play along and enjoy collecting your collectible at the end, that is $9.99 and some tax).

Calling all devoted Hidden-Mickey-ers: A springful search has begun, one that's eggstra-special.

But this egg-themed adventure will be oval, we mean over after Easter Day 2022.

So no yoke, Disney-loving egg-sperts: You'll want to roll for Anaheim soon to join the fun.

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