It's Baby Animal Time at Underwood Family Farms

Oh, bestill our fluff-loving heart: Newborn critters are arriving at a cute clip as spring grows closer.

Underwood Family Farms

What to Know

  • Moorpark
  • The Animal Center located at the agricultural destination is open daily
  • The daily hours will be extended starting March 14, with a new closing time of 6 p.m.

Tasked with naming three quintessential sounds of springtime?

That's a toughie, since spring can sing in so many marvelous ways.

You might cite the ticking of the clock, in honor of the start of Daylight Saving Time, or perhaps the warm whoosh of a breeze, for beautifully breezy days are a major part of this time of year.

And barnyards across the land begin to bustle when the days grow longer, meaning tiny baas and bleats and chirps and moos can be heard by anyone standing nearby.

And if you happen to find yourself standing in the vicinity of the Animal Center of Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark in March or April, you may encounter some of those wonderful sounds, or at least the sweet sight of a coterie of cute critters.

For springtime always brings a bundle of new babies to the agricultural center, and those awww-some arrivals have just begun.

Recent bambinos touted on the Underwood social pages?

A fluff-tastic line-up of little turkeys, the prettiest poults ever, and Mercedes and Porsche, two goats we're going gaa-gaa-over.

The heart-tugging snaps of the kids taken with their mother Hershey are worth a glance, if you need a moment of animal-inspired uplift-a-tude.

More newborn animals will be making their darling debuts in the weeks to come, but visitors will also want to say hello to the farm's more grown-up denizens, like the regal Scottish Highland cattle and the long-of-ear Flemish giants.

Entry to the Animal Center? It's part of your Underwood Family Farms admission.

Safety protocols? Find them on the site.

Picking your own strawberries and other produce-yummy goodies? There's information here.

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