It's ‘¡Fiesta!' Time at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater

The long-running favorite was reimagined in 2022. Now it is back in Highland Park for a merry multi-month engagement.

Bob Baker Marionette Theater

What to Know

  • Through June 25, 2023 at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater in Highland Park
  • $25; children ages 2 and under admitted free
  • Special events will pop up throughout the run; a sensory-friendly performance is scheduled for May 7

These sunnier days can put one in a celebratory mood, which makes the return of "¡Fiesta!," the venerable and vivacious Bob Baker Marionette Theater production, especially timely.

The high-spirited show return for a lengthy engagement on April 1, giving puppet fans and those who adore playful family fare ample time to secure tickets.

Special events will pop up during the run, which concludes on June 25; look also for a sensory-friendly performance in early May.

Now we know what comprises a great fiesta in our lives, but what joyful details does this sweet show, which first premiered over a half-century ago, bring to audiences in search of music, comedy, and oodles of uplifting set pieces?

The merry moments are as plentiful as the hundreds of puppets that fill the shop at the Highland Park venue, but at the heart of "¡Fiesta!" is a reimagined feel, one that features a "more inclusive presentation of the Latin American cultures it celebrates."

Bob Baker Marionette Theater

That fresh vision premiered in 2022 when the show's co-directors Karina De La Cruz, Alex Evans, and Daisy Hernandez "worked closely with community partners to revise the show for more inclusive representation, including the creation of new puppets, costumes, and sets, as well as revised musical numbers, a bilingual show program, an art exhibition, and so much more."

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Frolicking cacti are among the cast's quirky characters, mariachi music plays a central role, and the Día de los Muertos segment boasts an atmospheric glow-in-the-dark appearance.

"Last year's process was incredibly rewarding," shared show director Alex Evans. "Diving deep into the history of Bob's show from the 60s, the long history of puppet fiestas, to the infinite connections of cultural celebrations within the current show and possible future versions left us all jazzed."

"We were deeply moved that our work resonated with an audience and remounting the show again allows us to resume this celebration, push our ideas further and share the content wider."

The daytime shows make it ideal for a family outing, and all ages are welcome. Tickets are $25 per person, and children ages 2 and under are admitted free.

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