It's High Time for Pie Time and a Sweet Marie Callender's Deal

Great American Pie Month is here, and the nostalgic-of-vibe restaurants have put their whole pies on sale.

Marie Callender's

What to Know

  • February is Great American Pie Month
  • The company's Bi-Annual Pie Sale is on through Feb. 28
  • Whole pies start at $8.99 (plus the tin)

If you're the sort of person who observes larger patterns, connections, and meeting points, and you also happen to have a tooth for sweets and a heart for holidays, you may have noted that both Great American Pie Month and Valentine's Day considerately coincide.

For the pie part of the equation? It happens in February, and pie-making restaurants, pie shops, and pie pop-ups are welcome to celebrate the month-long observance in any way they like.

And Valentine's Day?

It's in the middle of the month, of course, serving as an amour-filled anchor for both February's beginning and end.

So treating your romantic interest to a pie for Valentine's Day, rather than the more traditional temptations?

Consider this: You'll be merrily marking two occasions at once.

Making it easier? Marie Callender's, which just kicked off its Bi-Annual Pie Sale on Monday, Feb. 1.

Oh yes: This is where whole pies, plus the tins the pies arrive in, are available for the starting price of $8.99, all across California.

What sort of pie is your ultimate delight? Coconut cream, key lime, French apple or German chocolate?

More importantly, what does your honey hanker for? Get that, and then present it to your pie-seeking sweetheart on Feb. 14.

What, though, will you do with that tin once the pie quickly disappears? Will you employ it in the kitchen or keep it to hold your keys or reuse it in another sensible way?

Wherever it ends up around your home, it'll remind you of happy pie-devouring days, Valentine's wishes, and sharing a favorite dessert, one that was bought with a deal, with your dearest love.

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