It's Like a Convention, for Brunch, in Laguna Beach

The Bloodies 'n bacon bash'll take over the Festival of Arts for one snack-around Saturday.

What to Know

  • Saturday, March 10
  • Festival of Arts
  • $55 + service fee

Picture the Festival of Arts, in Laguna Beach, and your mind might first leap to a person posing for a sculptor in a very still manner, or the people who "freeze" on stage, inside famous artworks, during the Pageant of the Masters.

Now if you had to imagine the meal where we're most likely to happily overindulge, and then proceed to dramatically claim that we can't move, you might first suggest Thanksgiving.

But that only comes once a year, while brunch, that once- or twice-a-week dining experience that possesses an element of indulgence, has a way of popping up far more often. 

You will be very much on the move, though, at 2018 Fresh Toast OC, at the Festival of Arts, should you attend "Orange County's Largest Brunch Event" on Saturday, March 10.

That's the where and when for a huge, convention-like, cuisine-laden lark, one that's solely devoted to a meal that is very much tied to weekends, to relaxing, and to a number of beverages usually only seen at brunch.

Like the Bloody Mary, yes, and its citrusy, sparkling cousin, the mimosa. A Bloody Battle will ensue, too, at the event, all to see which area eatery can make a top-notch tomato cocktail, complete with all of those amazing garnishes.

It's a 21+ happening with 30+ vendors.

Will you find pastries, eggs, bacon, and/or the other staples of the mid-morning, mid-afternoon, Saturday or Sunday tradition?

You shall, yes. 

As fits the notion of brunch, general admission is at noon, while VIP entry begins at 11 o'clock.

Which leads to this question: Has brunch, in recent years, left its before-noon post and headed into the post-noon hours of 1, 2, and 3? When do you usually plan to meet friends, on a Saturday, for toast, hash browns, and gossip?

Brunch is slowing encroaching upon Linner territory, in our humble opinion. Which is fine, though Linner, too, surely deserves its own festival, serving, as it does, as the halfway point between lunch and dinner.

A ticket to 2018 Fresh Toast OC is $55, plus a fee, and the helmer of the happening? OC Weekly, and the beneficiary is the Alzheimer's Association, which will receive a portion of the day's proceeds.

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