It's Lonely Pie, for Those Feeling Crusty Over Valentine's

The potato chip-topped Pie Hole classic is available "for a limited time."

What to Know

  • The Pie Hole
  • Limited Time
  • $6.50 slice

There must be hundreds of ways to catchily express the gamut of emotional states, from boredom to joy to sadness to general fed-up-a-tude, and many revolve around food.

From "crying over spilled milk" to proclaiming that something "isn't your cup of tea," you can instantly let a friend know where you're at, life- and head- and happiness-wise.

But if you tell a pal that you're digging into a slice of Lonely Pie on Valentine's Day, you actually may actually really be eating Lonely Pie, if you stop by The Pie Hole for a slice or whole dish.

For the unusual sweet, which indeed bears the memorable and heart-tugging moniker, is now available at local Pie Hole shops through Valentine's Day 2018. It may even pop up through Thursday, Feb. 15, says the local chain, if you should still be feeling those post-Valentine's crusty cravings.

The pie itself is "... a layer of PEANUT BUTTER under a thick layer of CHOCOLATE GANACHE all on top of an Oreo crust."

And the talked-about topper? Yeah, you're looking at potato chips. On a sweet dessert. Salty-crunchy meets gooey-sugary.

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You can purchase a slice, which is $6.50, or go for the entire Lonely Pie. That costs $39, and you can bet that it'll make a statement at any soirée you attend on the heart-filled holiday.

Best call ahead, to make sure you can buy that whole pie.

Of course, you could just whisk the whole thing home, if that's your preference, to nosh upon by yourself, with family, with a roommate, or a loved one in the days to come.

And, when anyone asks what you did for Valentine's Day, you can answer, with cheek, pride, and humor, that you dined upon Lonely Pie.

Will "Lonely Pie," though, enter the common vernacular, like "spilled milk"?

These things take time, of course, but if The Pie Hole keeps selling it each February, it may soon be as commonly spoken as "not my cup of tea."

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