It's National Pet Day, and We're Paying Tender Tribute to the Animals We Adore

April 11 is when we give our little honeybun a few extra scritches, a favorite treat, a trip to the park, or all of the above.


What to Know

  • April 11 is National Pet Day
  • Celebrate the day by spending time with your own pet, volunteering at an animal center, looking into a foster program, or looking into an adoption
  • LA Animal Services has several ways for Southern Californians to get involved, support the department's efforts, and to, yes, fall in love with a cute critter

Like sunshine, the universe, and the idea of time, our devotion to our super-fluffy, feather-covered, gill-rocking, long-eared ultra-besties is eternal and can feel just as big.

Sometimes we may have minor differences in opinion, like when we want to eat the last piece of our grilled cheese but our dog is also semi-politely asking to enjoy the same exact piece, but mostly we are simpatico with our animal companions, 100% eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart, fully unified in a single vision of friendship and love.

So when a day trots along that actually is about celebrating the beasties we have at our side, and on our lap, it can take us by surprise.

Oh, there's a National Pet Day on the Calendar of Quirky Occasions?

Doesn't every day qualify as a day to joyfully smoosh upon and scritch pets? ("Smoosh upon" means a sweet, easygoing cuddle, of course, while "scritching" is basically a gentle and joyful scratching of the most satisfying variety, which is evident in its name, we're fairly sure.)

Still, April 11 does have the special honor of reminding us to honor, sweetly smoosh upon, and lovingly scritch our pets, and help all animals, in all the wonderful ways we can.

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That means you can sign up to learn more about volunteering at a place like Pasadena Humane, which is always seeking dedicated sorts to lend a helping hand at its Raymond Avenue headquarters.

Or you can choose to foster a pet, that beautiful bridge a beastie needs before they stride into their forever home. LA Animal Services offers plenty of tips on how to begin your fostering journey.

And there are so many adoption events, each and every weekend around Southern California, with all sorts of rescue groups and animal centers making it simple to connect people with potential pets.

Look to Annenberg PetSpace, where a Critter Companion Adoption Event, featuring rabbits, turtles, and other non-canine and non-feline cuties will be in the adoptable spotlight. That's coming right up at the Playa Vista center, on Saturday, April 22.

Happy National Pet Day to all pets, and animals that may soon be pets, and the people who love both.

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