It's National Pet Day, So Shower Your Sweetie in Scritches

What to do after you've snuggled, smooshed, scritched, and cuddled your critter? Discover local ways to further the love.

Linda Raymond

What to Know

  • April 11 is National Pet Day
  • Major pet-focused events that are in-person are still on hold, though virtual events, like the So Cal Corgi Beach Day, are popping up
  • Annenberg PetSpace in Playa Vista has reopened for a special PetSpace Experience and other happenings

Cuddling, scritching, snuggling, smooching, and smooshing, too?

The weekend is made for all of those things, and especially Sunday, the day when we've finally unwound all the wound-up things that desperately needed detangling.

Once we've shaken off the week, though? Our pet is there for us, on the couch, on his perch, on her wheel, awaiting for our affection, our attention, and our love.

Of course you give your pet all of those things, and more, every single day of the year, but on April 11, which is National Pet Day, showering them in a few extra hugs or treats may be the way to go.

Attending a large-scale in-person party for the holiday?

That's not happening in 2021, and other upcoming animal events, like the popular America's Family Pet Expo in Orange County, are off for now.

But many of our region's local critter-cool centers, like Annenberg PetSpace in Playa Vista, are open to the public, with safety protocols in place.

That means you can meet (and fall in love with) home-needing animals, attend a helpful class (like the upcoming Wellness Workshop celebrating indoor cats), and make a reservation to go behind the scenes at the center via The PetSpace Experience.

Just be sure to read all you need to know about reservations, masks, and what to expect before visiting this vibrant nexus of play, love, education, and ultimate perfect petdom.

Still planning on sticking close to home on National Pet Day?

We hear you.

Best scooch over on the couch, pat a cushion, and invite your favorite scritchee up for some sweet scritches, the sort of smooshing and snuggling that can feel sweetest when enjoyed on a slow-paced Sunday afternoon.

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