Autumn Fun

It's Sunflower-Gathering Time at Underwood Family Farms

You can pick the Moorpark destination's big-headed blossoms or just take an admiring stroll.

Underwood Family Farms

What to Know

  • Moorpark
  • Fall Harvest on the Farm is happening through Oct. 31
  • $15 admission Saturdays and Sundays; $8 weekdays (flowers are additional)

"Falling up" is a fanciful idea that's been applied to several sci-fi scenarios, mostly involving the absence of gravity.

Poems, films, and books have all taken this imaginative notion and fashioned a wealth of surreal stories, pictures, and worlds, mostly involving the act of rising upwards.

But the concept of "falling up" takes on a different meaning in the second half of October. For that's when we look around our homes and determine if our decorations accurately reflect the autumnal joy we're feeling inside.

That's when we proceed to happily fall-up our personal worlds with the signs and sights of the season, from pumpkins to sunflowers.

If your own home is not adequately matching your inner autumnal experience, and you need to fall-it-up pronto, Underwood Family Farms can help.

For the Moorpark destination is sunny with sunflowers as the October's latter half begins, as well as some other classic flowers of fall.

Those include zinnias and marigolds, the pretty and petite blossoms so often seen in vases and displays around this time of year, as well as Día de los Muertos altars.

The Underwood sunflowers? Cut flowers are a dollar each, while zinnias and marigolds are 25 cents a blossom. Or you can choose to buy five for a dollar.

How will you fall-up your home once you have several zinnias, marigolds, and sunflowers in hand? A centerpiece on the kitchen table? Some bunches placed on the mantel?

Fall is fleeting, so do your falling-up soon, if you need more autumn inside your abode.

It's also Fall Harvest on the Farm at Underwood Family Farms, a low-key take on the agricultural attraction's annual October celebration. The Animal Center is again open, there's a vast pumpkin patch, and other open-air goings-on.

For sure, wear your face covering, and observe the safety rules while visiting.

Check out the admission, too. It's lower on weekdays, so you might plan your flower power outing for a Tuesday or Wednesday.

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