It's sweetgreen's $5 Greens Day

Salad-up, and save, on July 8. How? You'll want to order one of three bowl deals through the sweetgreen app.


What to Know

  • Wednesday, July 8
  • Order through the app (before you arrive for pick-up or in-store)
  • Harvest Bowl, Kale Caesar Bowl, and Shroomami Bowl from the $5 Greens Collection

It's blazing out there, as is July's predictable way around Southern California, and it is getting even three-digit-ier in parts of our region as the weekend grows closer.

Yep: It's warm.

Which means that many of us are putting the brakes on braised foods, on oven-broiled bites, on the sort of decadent dishes that are delicious but also simultaneously hot and overly hearty.

It's time for salad, and fast casual chain sweetgreen is here to help our leafier cravings. Not only that, but the bowl-building outfit is going to help us save money on a day that looks to be on the hotter side of the forecast.

That day is Wednesday, July 8, which is also being hailed as "Greens Day" at your local sweetgreen.

That's because a trio of goodie-packed bowls will be priced at five bucks, all day long, and when we say "goodie" we mean the green sorts of goodies, the kales and the seeds and the beets and the cukes.

You'll need to order through the sweetgreen app, either ahead of time or when you get to the restaurant to pick up your bowl.

And those bowls?

They include the Kale Caesar Salad, which includes roasted chicken and parmesan crisps, the Harvest Bowl, which features sweet potatoes and apples, and the Shroomami Bowl, which has plenty of portobello panache.

If you don't have the app, just text 5GREENSDAY to 474747 and sign up for sweetgreen text offers. You'll receive a text with an offer badge.

"This special offering is sweetgreen’s way of celebrating the communities they serve as they begin to open up, get back to their “normal” routines, and continue their mission to connect people with real food," is the good word from the company.

You may long for braised and broiled foods one day soon, but July heat waves prompt us to turn to the greener side of the menu.

And if we can save a few dollars while doing so? That's pretty sweet, sweetgreen.

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