It's Time for You to Sing at Walt Disney Concert Hall

Join a Christmas carol sing-along or one devoted to 1954's 'White Christmas.'

What to Know

  • Dec. 22 and 23
  • Holiday Sing-alongs on Dec. 22; 'White Christmas' Sing-along on Dec. 23
  • The Holiday Sing-along fa, la, las during two daytime shows, while "White Christmas" will charm at a matinee and evening presentation.

Opening your marvelous maw and letting out lyrics you've known for most of your life? 

Beyond a-ok in the car. Traditionally done in the shower. And absolutely expected at karaoke night, down at your local pub.

But doing just that, from a seat in Walt Disney Concert Hall? A seat that's definitely not on the stage? And you yourself aren't featured in the program?

An usher is going to immediately speak with you, understandably, while your companions or nearest row neighbors will likely utter a low "shush." 

Be not shushed, however, on the weekend before Christmas, for there are four, yes, four fabulous and festive opportunities to croon in a loud, proud, and quite aloud manner at the famous performance venue.

Even from your seat, and not the stage.

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Up on Saturday, Dec. 22? It's the popular Holiday Sing-along, at 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 in the afternoon. The Walt Disney Concert Hall's ginormous pipe organ will be in merry use, and a jazz combo will lend oomph, and a choir shall be on hand to help lead the tinsel-draped tunes.

And then on Sunday, Dec. 23? Think snow, snow, snowwww, and think singing along with 1954's "White Christmas," which will screen at 3 p.m. and 8 that evening. There'll be gratis cocoa, too, beforehand at BP Hall. (Do arrive early for that, as this is a "while supplies last" kind of deal.)

When will you next be invited to sing in the celebrated-everywhere venue?

There are two answers to that question.

One route? Keep working on your stagecraft, your next album, and your high C, if you're hoping to hit the hall on tour one day.

Or just hang tight, for the sparkliest season of the year, and the rare and beloved holiday-themed sing-alongs, which, yes, invite audience members to warble, with gusto, inside of the best-known cultural buildings around.

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