It's Time to Glow Tube, Night-Loving Snow People

The popular, post-sunset pursuit is opening at Big Bear Snow Play.

What to Know

  • Big Bear Snow Play
  • Opens Nov. 29, 2019
  • Friday and Saturday evenings and select holidays

If you had to count all of the things that shine brightly at night, well, you'd probably be counting for awhile.

The moon seems like an obvious first pick, and the stars, too, which should perhaps be cited before our lunar satellite, given the fact that stars produce light, and the moon reflects it, but we won't squabble over whatever you choose.

There are fireflies, too, and bio-luminescent sea creatures are also notable night-lighters. Electricity, of course, gives light to our cities, and bonfires illuminate our gatherings.

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But what of the glow-tubing experience? That's an after-sundown adventure, one that rocks some light, but light that is colorful and a bit strange, thanks to all of the snow that's reflecting it.

If glow-tubing offers some of your favorite by-night light, prepare to feel all sparkly inside, for Big Bear Snow Play is ready to launch its glow-tubing season on Friday, Nov. 29.

The nights to know? Fridays and Saturdays, from 5 to 9 o'clock, as well as holiday evenings (but be sure to check the Big Bear Snow Play site before heading up the mountain to make sure it is open on your chosen night).

And, oh yes: The Magic Carpet will be in operation, which means you won't have to trudge back up the tubing hill for your next run.

Are you ready for some night lights of the glow-tubing-est kind?

Big Bear Snow Play is welcome to say hello to night owls for some illuminated, down-the-snow adventuring of the nocturnal sort.

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