It's Time to Map Out Your Eat|See|Hear Flicks

The 2018 schedule of films from the popular series has been revealed.

What to Know

  • Opens May 5, 2018
  • 20 movies + music performances
  • NoHo, Griffith Park, Santa Monica, Pasadena, and DTLA

Map shops are wonderful destinations, brimming with globes and books and fold-up guides and just about everything you'd ever want in the whole maps-are-amazing department.

Our only wish, for these perfect, can't-be-improved places is this: Perhaps, soon, one day in the near future, fill-in-the-blank maps of Los Angeles will be sold with a particular focus.

And that focus? Adding all of the outdoor films you'd like to see over the summer season around Southern California.

For having such a map displayed on your kitchen wall?

So very helpful, especially when a major outfit like Eat|See|Hear ups and announces its 2018 schedule on just, like, a Monday afternoon, a time and day when many of us are searching for that magical map that will gently lead us through the week.

Your map will need to have room for a few dates — the seven-years-along outdoor film series opens on May 5 and concludes on Sept. 15, 2018 — and, of course, you'll want to note the screening locations, spots like The Autry Museum in Griffith Park and Los Angeles State Historic Park.

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North Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Pasadena are also on the list.

The films? A 25th anniversary screening of "The Sandlot" is on deck, a 20th anniversary showing of "The Big Lebowski," and several more cinematic treats, from "Lady Bird" to "A League of Their Own."

Billed as "the largest dog friendly event in Los Angeles," Eat|See|Hear loves the hounds, so make a note of that in your map's margin, and do also note that Best Friends Animal Society is a non-profit partner.

Water bowls and snacks for tail-waggers are provided, so if there are icons for that, on your map, circle 'em now.

As for the "Hear" part of the series name? There shall be live music performances, uh huh.

As for the "Eat" bit? Over 150 food trucks'll cycle through rotation during the good-and-long outdoor film series.

As for the random and welcome extras? You'll never know who'll show at the series, nor what perks you'll find. Though here is one: Admission to The Autry is free on nights when the series screens just outside the artifact-packed institution.

Tickets are on sale, so stop swooning over your outdoor-movie-themed map, for a moment, which is hard to do — the map swoon is real — and line up your nights now.

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