It's ‘Vegandulgence' Season at Salt & Straw

Are you observing Veganuary? Do you have a sweet tooth? Good news: The artisanal ice creamery has just the treats you're seeking.

Salt & Straw

What to Know

  • Through January 2021
  • Five vegan ice creams are in the spotlight, including Peanut Butter Strawberry Crumble
  • Local delivery available

Adding "-uary" to various words, all to create a fresh way of looking at the first month?

Plenty of people do it, whether they're observing Exercise-uary or Read-uary or another goal-based plan that's meant to last all January long.

But one "-uary" that's caught on, at several restaurants and in many homes, over the last few years?

It's Veganuary, a 31-day commitment to enjoying, or perhaps trying for the first time, a line-up of plant-based eats.

If you're seeking an easy and tempting route to participating in Veganuary, the Salt & Straw scoop shops are making it a sweet snap.

How? By offering five vegan flavors as part of the January-long Vegandulgence menu.

"The menu is completely plant-based, from the handcrafted oat and avocado bases, to the curated ingredients such as house-made vegan 'Oreos' designed to make fans rethink vegan ice cream," revealed the Portland-started company.

Chocolate fans who like a nutty zing can go with the Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies & Cream flavor, while those who like a classic PB& may want to try the Peanut Butter Strawberry Crumble.

Look also for Bourbon & Caramelized Honeycomb, Coconut Rice Pudding, and Banana Avocado Sorbet to add vegan-fun pizzazz to the seasonal menu.

Local delivery is available, if you're in Southern California and seeking one or all of these vegan tastes. But if you'd like to ship it to a friend across the country? That's possible, too.

Plant lovers, Veganuary is here, and Salt & Straw is serving the delicious dessert course. Try one or all before the first month of the year, and all of the "-uary" observances, begin to wrap up.

Or maybe you'll take the spirit and goals of Veganuary into the rest of 2021? Try it out now and see if plant-based bites are just the good things you've been seeking.

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