Jackalope Art Fair Returns to Pasadena as an In-Person Fest

Soaps, necklaces, art, bags, and just about everything else, too: Handmade rules at this creative makers' market.

Jackalope Art Fair

What to Know

  • July 17 and 18, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Central Park in Pasadena
  • Free entry

Admiring that one friend with a flair for being fabulous in all the ways?

You likely know the feeling, as everyone surely does. For some people have a knack for turning neckties into belts, kitchen towels into scarves, and a low-key home into a wonderland of unique and eye-catching art pieces.

Your friend, in short, is someone to be inspired by, but also a person who can be quite difficult to shop for, when it is time to treat them to a special birthday gift.

But then along hops Jackalope Art Fair, one of Southern California's handmade-iest hullabaloos, a place absolutely awash in imaginative giftery.

And, of course, imaginative goods you may want for your own home, pantry, or wardrobe.

This uniqueful shopping experience will raise its ears again in Pasadena's Central Park on July 17 and 18, following a number of virtual happenings that hopped online over the last several months.

Entry, as always, is free, but having funds to pay for the fun stuff, from hand-carved wine stoppers to a beaded eyeglass holder, is a smart move.

Some of the vendors set to vend at the summertime celebration include Cute Laces (for when your sneakers need something special), NERDPINS (liven up that lapel), and Laura Ann's Jams, which will jazz up any toast or bread or pastry or flapjack.

There shall be over 150 artisans setting up a booth-y presence in the park, which is near some of the Crown City's best eateries. But there shall be food trucks, and places to find fun treats (Drunken Cake Pops is scheduled to make a tempting appearance).

Ready to open-air it, while strolling by offbeat and eye-catching finds? At a place full of artisans you can meet, fall in like with, and support with a purchase or two?

Find out more by twitching your fluffy tail and nosing it in the direction of Jackalope Arts pronto.

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