Holiday shopping

Jackalope Artisan Fair Hops Online for Holiday Shopping

Gifts don't come much more one-of-a-kind-y: Find unique and thoughtfully made treasures at this virtual crafts-and-more market.

Jackalope Arts

What to Know

  • Through Dec. 18, 2020
  • Free shipping
  • Jewelry, art, wearables, kitchen goods, and lots more from dozens of regional makers

Browsing is a pursuit undertaken by every shopper, even if you're the sort of shopper who knows exactly what you'll be buying the moment you rush into a store.

Because something on a shelf catches your eye, and then something else, and before you know it, you're in Big Browse Mode.

But browsing takes on a local, social, and especially rewarding dimension when it happens at a Jackalope Arts fair.

For the makers are often right there, standing alongside their handmade goods, giving shoppers a chance to learn the stories behind what they'd like to buy.

If you're missing this uplifting vibe in the temporary absence of craft fairs, be emboldened, browsers of Southern California: Jackalope is hop, hop, hopping online, over several weeks, and turning its annual holiday market into a virtual affair.

Call the goodies you'll find distinctly different, sorta-to-very quirky, ultra personal, and the sort of giftee item that your friend or cousin or co-worker will remark upon for some time to come.

Why? Because "handmade" is the key word, and "quite interesting" can be applied to basically every buyable on the Jackalope list.

An m2 Confections Holiday Truffle Collection reminiscent of gemstones or planets is one intriguing choice, while a sweet Sloth Ornament from Melange Collection brings the mirth.

Humorous kitchen towels, belts sporting over-sized bow ties, beautiful beanies topped with giant poofs, and necklaces sporting wee snow globes are all part of the 2020 market.

The shipping? Hop, hop, happiness: It's free.

And nicest of all? You may meet a maker you'll want to shop from, support, and socialize with at future, in-person markets.

There's lots to see at this ginormous browse-and-buy-around, a true treat for handmade mavens eager to shop and score fab finds from home.

Start here, givers of memorable presents that possess presence, joy, and quality, too.

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