Jackalope Throws a Virtual, Deal-Nice Fair

Love the breezy, booth-lined markets that pop up around town? Find handmade treasures, and discounts, too, during an Instagram Live! event.

Jackalope Indie Artisan Fair

What to Know

  • March 28 at 4 p.m.
  • Instagram Live!
  • The fair's first-ever #virtualmarket will have deals and discounts

Coming across a lovely loomed throw rug in all of your favorite colors?

Or a lotion that smells like the desert after a rainstorm? Or an interesting, seed-tasty cracker, the kind that goes well with cheeses, jams, and pickles, too?

These are some of the fabulous finds you might make at the Jackalope Indie Artisan Fair, the handmade-fun festival that pops up in Pasadena a couple of times a year, and Grand Central Market, and other spots, too.

Plenty of local makers bring their lovingly created wearables, eatables, and everythingables to Jackalope, meaning these vibrant markets provide a lot of socialable spirit, too, as artists and their fans connect.

While we're physically distancing during these stay-at-home days, we're no less sociable, and we're still eager to connect, in a safe and spirited way, with inspired Southern Californians making cool stuff.

So Jackalope Indie Artisan Fair is taking its fair online, for the first time ever, via a virtual happening on Saturday, March 28.

Hop on the fair's Instagram Live! at 4 p.m. LA time on March 28 to see a host of nifty items from a plethora of talented people.

And shall there be discounts on various treasures in the spotlight?

Oh yes, there shall be.

True, you won't be able to experience the sunshine or breezes of strolling Central Park in Pasadena, a frequent location for the fair, but you will be able to show artisans around our region some virtual and vivacious support.

Perhaps you'll find something fabulous to wear for the weekend when Jackalope returns to happening IRL, rather than virtually? Plan now for that breezy and beautiful day, lovers of locally made goods.

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